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Natural Cotton/Polypropylene Absorbent Products

Posted on 8th Jun 2009 @ 7:02 PM




Question: What is ColdForm™?

                             Natural Oil Select ColdForm Pads/Booms

ColdForm™ is an entirely new method we developed at ESP to manufacture sorbents. As the name implies, it is a cold process. Unlike the meltblowing process, we do not use huge amounts of energy to melt the plastic to form the fibers. ColdForm™ technology uses approximately 1/3 the energy of our melt blowing line.
Question: How are your ColdForm™ sorbent products different from your meltblown ones?
All of our meltblown sorbents are made with 100% polypropylene. This gives them very good chemical resistance and fairly good absorption. ColdForm™ sorbents are made with different combinations of fibers. One pad, for example, may contain up to five different fiber types. Because the ColdForm™ technology can process many different fiber types, we can optimize the performance of each type of product. It is the mixing of different fiber types that enables the ColdForm™ products to outperform the meltblown products by such a wide margin.

Question: What are the benefits of ColdForm™ sorbents? Why should I consider using them?

Our ColdForm™ products offer better performance with a cost savings. Because the ColdForm™ products absorb more than meltblown, they will stay on the job longer thereby offering additional savings.

                                                   Natural General Purpose Pads and Booms

Question: How can ColdForm™ sorbent products offer higher absorbency at a lower cost?
The vastly increased price of plastics and oil-based resins have made other fibers and technologies suddenly more competitive against polypropylene. Before the huge increase in resin, the ColdForm™ technology would have yielded better performance but at higher costs. Higher costs in a competitive commodity business are a non-starter. Thanks again to the high cost, and continuing high cost of polypropylene, new technologies such as ours will take significant market share away from oil-derived polypropylene.

Question: If the ColdForm™ technology is so much better than meltblown polypropylene why is meltblown the most widely used product in the spill sorbent industry?

Meltblown polypropylene has been the “industry standard” and commands the lion share of the market because it had, in the past, been the most economical way to manufacture an oil absorbent. The price of polypropylene has, however, risen 110% over the past three years. When polypropylene was less than half as expensive as it is today, it was indeed the best method and material to manufacture oil sorbents. The current reality is much different. At its current price, there are better and less expensive ways to manufacture an oil absorbent.


Question: Do ColdForm™ products look different from meltblown?

Yes they do, they are truly different. The ColdForm™ products are available in a variety of colors similar to the meltblown products: gray and green for universal and white for oil only.
Question: What's the difference between the needle punch I'm used to receiving and the ColdForm™ version?
We have optimized the fiber blends and the result is a very good product that performs as well as, if not better than, with existing needle punch. Our needle punch is gray, not black, to better hide the dirt.

Question: How will the new ColdForm™ rag rugs compare to the ones I'm used to receiving?

Our rag rug has been specifically optimized for the spill sorbent industry. It absorbs liquids much faster than the traditional rag rug and is just as tough as any rag rug available.
Question: Your literature indicates that the ColdForm™ technology is proprietary and that ESP has filed for numerous patents. Will all the ColdForm™ products be included in your current private labeling program?

Yes. We believe that there will be many technologies introduced in the coming years that will also replace polypropylene. The market place needs to have unrestricted access to new products for them to become widely accepted by all.


Question: What natural fibers are used in some ColdForm™ products?

Our products have very specific mixes of fibers in each type of sorbent that optimize their performance. Natural fibers can be anything from cotton, to wood, (more commonly known as cellulose) to Kenaf. The greatest feature of any natural fiber is that they help lessen our dependency on oil.

Question: Cotton sorbents have never been very successful. What makes your natural blended sorbents, which contain high levels of cotton, such good sorbents?

Cotton fibers are the most absorbent fibers in the world but they must be processed and treated specifically to absorb oil. They absorb approximately 30% more than meltblown polypropylene. Our cotton has been chemically enhanced to increase oil absorption and reduce water absorption. All our products have also been treated with a fire retardant and a fungicide and have been bonded and perforated.