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Multizorb Loose Granular Absorbent

Posted on 17th May 2010 @ 6:01 PM

The Universal Granular Absorbent
Manufactured, Developed and Patented in Canada by Firezorb International.

Available from 16th May 2010


Multizorb Absorbent is classified as a "Super Absorbent" and is one of the best absorbents on the market today.  It is also more cost efficient to use compared to most other absorbents. The main two formulations are MZB-10, the universal absorbent and MZB-25, the outdoor absorbent. They are essentially the same; however, the outdoor absorbent is designed as a much denser product, and therefore is designed to drop within a two 34cm radius in a windy situation.  Firezorb also has an oil only product designed as a hydophobic. All of these absorbent formulations are available in particulate, socks and booms.
  • Light weight.
  • One 9kg bag will absorb 30 Litres. 
  • Slip resistant.
If used absorbed material is left in an area where ignition from sparks or fire is possible, cover the wet absorbed material with a dry layer of MultiZorb Universal to help prevent ignition.