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HCA Absorbs Oil not Water

Posted on 1st Aug 2010 @ 8:46 AM

Manufactured in Australia (under patent license) HCA (Hydrocarbon Cellulose Absorbent) is a hydrophobic petroluem/oil base absorbent. Made from recycled cellulose and turned into a user friendly pulp, HCA can be used for the recovery of all oil petroleum based spills on water or land.  If oil/water filtering is required, PetroSponge1 can recover up to eight times it's own weight.

PetroSorb HCA Product Range
  • HCA loose cellulose fibre
  • HCA snake booms
  • HCA connectable booms
  • HCA pillows
  • HCA bilge rats
Video and images coming soon.

Types of kits

  • PetroSponge HCA Workshop kit
  • PetroSponge HCA Service Station kit
  • PetroSponge HCA Boaters kit
  • PetroSponge HCAMariners kit
  • PetroSponge HCA Transport kit
  • PetroSponge HCA Manufacturers kit
  • PetroSponge HCA Oily Water removable kit
  • PetroSponge HCA Waste management kit
  • PetroSponge HCA Bilge kit